Our Story

Forever Yours Tattoo Studio was founded in 2016 by sibling duo Anja and Lukas Ferencic as a family business. Since its inception, the studio has strived to incorporate traditional values with individual artistic development.

Building strong connections with our clients has always been a priority, and we constantly seek new ideas to enhance their experience and deliver more than just a tattoo.

Outside of Studio in Centar of Rijeka town.
Outside of Studio in Centar of Rijeka town.

At Forever Yours, we're committed to learning and incorporating fresh techniques into our work. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a supportive community and create a welcoming atmosphere for both clients and colleagues.

We recognize the weight of our responsibility as tattoo artists, understanding that our art will become a permanent part of someone's body. With deep respect, we approach each project, never taking our work for granted.

Studio Rijeka Centar

Walk-in studio in Rijeka Centar, opened in 2023, is a spacious venue that can accommodate up to 6-7 artists and serves as a hub for all our creative endeavors.

Here, we frequently host guest artists from across the globe, allowing our clients the chance to get a tattoo from some of the industry’s most renowned names, right here in our town!

Private Studio

Private studio in Matulji, close to Rijeka, is a studio where you can book an appointment with either Anja or Darjan in a more private setting, even one-on-one.

This location is often chosen by Anja or Darjan for more elaborate or intimate projects. For clients who are traveling, we can usually offer accommodation at the location.